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My family and I recently moved to La Grange from our life and careers in Houston, TX.   We live on a small property which has been in my wife’s family for very close to one hundred years.  I have always hoped that we could move to this area some day and it has finally become possible to do just that!

I’ve been fortunate to have two exciting careers; the first in commercial aviation and then being retrained into the field of commercial marine electronics for ships.   In that field, I specialized in high frequency communications and navigation equipment installations and repairs.   Moving to La Grange was supposed to be an early retirement – of sorts.  However, I quickly learned that, as a person, I need to be involved in something technical on a daily basis, and, I’m not ready to quit working!

In my past work, I’ve made a lot of other people a lot of money.  This job needed to be different and I looked towards law enforcement or community service.   I wanted to become involved in something which helped people or, at least, the community.  Throughout my life, I’ve supported and valued law enforcement and those who are involved with it in any way.  I believe that in my role as a telecommunicator for the City of Smithville, I can do just that.   I am proud to be here and greatly appreciate that the Smithville Police Department felt I could contribute in a positive way to their overall operations.  Once again, I have a lot to learn in a new position but parts of this new job seem to come to me naturally.  I’ve enjoyed my short time here at the dispatch position and even more, working with those in the PD.   I hope that my work here will, somehow, make a positive difference in people’s lives and for the city as well.


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